SIA RARE power is a sub-supplier of metal components,
equipment and constructions manufacturer.


One of the main conditions in a successful cooperation is communication. Therefore, in the beginning of the project we provide consultations to discuss the best possible solution.

Design and project planning

After a consultation, if needed, works on design and project planning are being done. Technological process is being planned to achieve the requested goals.

Project managemet

All required actions are being taken - cost structure planning, creating a contract and other required elements that are necessary to complete the project.

Ordering materials

Materials for product development are delivered from certified suppliers in Europe and Latvia. Their production is done according to all required standards and requests.


Project is being developed under a supervision by our certified engineers, to ensure the high quality of the product.

Quality control

Quality control of the project is being done twice - during the development process of the project and before the delivery of the product to the client


Our logistics specialists will ensure the most suitable way of delivery for our clients. Also - they organize the required packaging and shipping.


To improve the future cooperation.


SIA RARE power is a sub-supplier of metal components,
equipment and constructions manufacturer. Organization is developing different metalworking solutions, to produce, develop the requested products - cutting, laser cutting, CNC milling,welding and any other related processes.

Cooperation partner is a very important aspect of a successful longterm work. In order to provide the best solutions to our clients, we are partnering with a lot of corporations in Baltics and Eastern Europe.

Main industries:

Main production lines:

- Furniture
- Automotive industry
- Recycling
- Woodworking
- Construction
- Open for cooperation with representatives of other industries

- Mass production for industry's like - furniture, automotive, recycling and etc.

- Specialized metal equipment / products with high added value, able to connect electronics, pneumatic and hydraulic to offer the customer a full range of services.

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